1. Farm Management


A full range of farm operational services covering the day to day property operations and financial management of each property. This includes crop nutrition, disease minimisation, pest management, water management, risk mitigation, human resource management and financial analysis.

The three levels of farm management relationship between SC Farms and clients are:

a.  Manager/Investor relationship. Complete farm operational management and reporting to investor/s.
b.  Manager/Farmer relationship. Provide on going management analysis of operations and advice with very regular reviews and on farm contact.
c.  Advisor / Farmer relationship. Provide advice for farming operations with regular reviews for farmer to put in place.


Farm Management is the main role of SC Farms and the majority of the business with a Manager/Investor relationship.  This arrangement has developed over time. The farm owners have full trust in SC Farms to operate their property as efficiently and effectively as possible, while maintaining a transparent reporting path to ensure the farm owners are completely aware of the farming operations, costs and expected income.

Individual farm sizes currently managed vary greatly from 12 hectares upwards, with each management operations based on approximately 120 hectares per farm management unit, utilising a dedicated farm manager, staff and equipment.

The farm owner, as the title suggests, owns the land, infrastructure, and plants.  Depending on the size and management of the property they also own the equipment, or share of the equipment with other farm owners within the farm management unit.  This ensures equipment efficiencies. 

Dedicated Farm Managers and staff are employed directly under the farm management unit.

SC Farms takes full management of the operations of the farm preparing annual operational plans and budgets for farm owners with quarterly financial and operational reporting.  Master plans for the properties are prepared on a three to five year basis and provide guidance to the development of the annual plans.

Farm Management includes all staffing related issues, maintaining quality assurance accreditation, risk reviews and mitigation and managing OH&S.

Financial management of the farm includes payment of farm accounts, payroll and management of finances as required by the farm manager.  Monitoring and reporting of income payments is a component of this.

Commodity marketing in negotiation of contracts and timing of harvest of commodity is managed by SC Farms.  Any contracts negotiated on behalf of the farm owners have to be agreed and signed by them.  Where possible SC Farms utilises preferred supplier arrangements for the packing/processing and marketing of commodities.


Reducing SC Farms responsibilities for farming operations provide lower levels of involvement by SC Farms staff to a Manager/Farmer relationship. The Manager/Farmer relationship includes SC Farms providing the suite of actions as for full Management, but the Farm Manager is now the farmer and they are responsible for the daily operations being completed. 

This ensures the Farmer is obtaining strategic advice and able to concentrate on their role rather than spreading themselves too thinly across the full management of the business.


The minor SC Farms Advisor role under option 1c) provides recommendations for the farmer to put in place. The Farmer manages the property, staffing financials and marketing of production.  This role of SC Farms can vary from once a month farm reviews to annual property reviews.

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