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Southern Cross Farms look to create partnerships with investors/growers who want their enterprise to thrive and NOT just to survive.

Farming is a challenging business so confronting the brutal facts of each situation full on, and then planning for a successful outcome is how we approach each engagement.

We want our clients to: 

1. Understand that their farm is a business. 
2. Allow us to build on the strengths of their property. 
3. Understand the weaknesses of their property and mitigate the risk if possible. 
4. Be open to sensible, sustainable and planned change. 
5. Focus on win/win relationships with all stakeholders. 
6. Make decisions that add value to the farm. 
7. Invest in their asset for medium term profitable outcomes. 
8. Trust in the Southern Cross Farm people and processes.

As a farming operations management company we are prepared, on behalf of current and future investor clients, to investigate and progress any opportunities that may present themselves.

Our Services

Our Services

Southern Cross Farms provide a full suite of management and advisory services to Vineyard and Orchard operations, including:

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