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Southern Cross Farms have provided horticulture management services to investors for over 30 years.

Substantial Vineyards and Orchards and horticultural crops are managed from the SC Farms office located in Mildura, in North West Victoria. The properties range from Ti Tree in the Northern Territory to Nyah in North West Victoria.

A wide range of commodities are managed including; Winegrapes, Citrus, Avocados and Almonds.

Farm Management is undertaken on site at each farm unit by Managers with permanent, casual and contracted staff. The farm management units are overseen via a central office on behalf of the farm owners.  This central office is the auspice of SC Farms with Operations, and Agribusiness Managers and supported by the farming accountants.

Properties within the SCBA Farms management portfolio are located within the Murray Valley region of northwest Victoria from Mildura to Nyah.  This is the current base region for SC Farms with opportunity to invest in, and management of properties, outside this region currently under negotiations.

Irrigation Water

Victorian Irrigation water is obtained under licence from the Murray River and administered by The Lower & Goulburn Murray Water organisations for all current properties.  Water requirements for the properties are managed with a range of water options including; Ownership of entitlement, temporary purchasing and leasing of temporary allocation.
Extraction licences enable access to underground water in the Northern Territory.

Commodity Marketing

Winegrapes – Contracts are negotiated on long, medium and annual terms with several wineries as agreed by farm owners.

Citrus – The packing and marketing companies utilised for the citrus production depends on the location of the property and farm owner preferences with indicated returns reviewed on an annual basis. Currently two businesses in the Sunraysia region are utilised for the packing and marketing of the citrus production from properties managed by SC Farms.

Avocado's – Packed and marketed by a major avocado packer and marketer in Mildura.

Almonds – hulled, cracked, marketed through one of Australia's major wholesale marketers to east coast wholesale markets.

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