About Us

Southern Cross Farms look to create partnerships with investors/growers who want their enterprise to thrive and NOT just to survive. SC Farms achieves this by having experienced and dedicated staff who are committed to providing investors with the highest quality farm management service possible. SC Farms has teams with a broad range of expertise that work cohesively together to provide desirable outcomes.

Many of our farms are located in the Nagiloc/Colignan region which is about 50km away from Mildura. 

Nangiloc VIC 3494, Australia

 Southern Cross Farms is an agricultural management business with a large presence in the Sunraysia area, particularly Nangiloc and Colignan. SC Farms also have farms in the Riverland and Riverina areas.

Since 2013 when Executive Director, Peter O'Donnell committed to the farm aspect of Southern Cross, the company has grown exponentially, now covering over 2000 ha.

SC Farms has a particular focus on the production of citrus and wine grapes, while also growing almonds and avocados. SC Farms is dedicated to growing the highest quality produce for their investors, as well as offering high class management and financial assistance in all aspects of the agricultural investments.



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